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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Girls Aloud Tangled Up Tour {DVD RIP} and DVD Requests

I have many DVDs i can rip if you want me to upload DVDs but it may take a while to upload them since it takes a long time to rip. I have ripped some of the Girls Aloud Tangled Up (hence the picture) concert and if you want me to rip the whole DVD then i will :).When I upload a movie it will only be once, when the link stops working i WILL NOT re-upload the movie as soon as i have added a movie to the file - hosting service the main file will be deleted from my hard drive as it will take up to much space that i need for college. This is what i've ripped of the GA concert so far

I accidently stopped the DVD ripping. Well anyway later on I will put up a list of DVDs I have (I will split them in too categories like music dvd, disney, T.V shows etc.), upload cresta's and jade's request and some more of the poll requests :)