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Sunday, 8 February 2009

My Mixtape

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to introduce people to new music because I used to (and still do) go to media blogs and just randomly download music from artists I never heard of and have become huge fans of some of the artists I have found and I decided maybe I could do the same for other people and recently I have found some time to make a compilation of some of my favorite findings and some music from my own music collection and I would like to introduce you to some of them this is a whole album i've created but after this week every Sunday (hopefully) I will try and introduce you to a new artist that you may surprisingly like. Beside the name of the song I have put the name of the blog which I downloaded the songs from so check out those blogs and just randomly download an album you may be surprised at what you find.

Tracklisting :

1. Cardboard Castles
Diana DeGarmo
2. Pony (It's OK)
Erin McArley
3. Faded
4. Hallelujah
Alexandra Burke
5. Lost Ur Mind
Alex Cartana
6. Moi...Lolita
7. Only U
8. The Show
9. Crush
David Archutela
10. Long Way Too Go
11. And It Feels Like
LeAnn Rimes
12. Burn
Jessica Mauboy
13. Keep Her
The Saturdays
14. 538 Stars
Tara Oram
15. Don't Trust Me
16. Crushed
Beu Sisters
17. Top Of The World
Kate Voegele
18. One Original Thing
Cheyenne Kimball
19. I Guess I Loved You
Lara Fabian
20. Miss Invisible
Marie Digby
21. Rock 'n' Roll Girl
Jordan McCoy
22. The Guardian
Delta Goodrem
23. My Freedom
Krystall Meyers
24. Eden
Sarah Brightman
25. Permission To Fly
Jordan Pruitt
26. This Fire
Lesley Pike
27. Big Blue Wall
Agnes Carlsson
28. Don't Push Me
29. When I Pretend
Jordan Pruitt
30. Now You're Gone
31. One World
Andrea Ross
32. Addicted
33. Baby Doll Gone Wrong
Skye Sweetman
34. Pretty Boy
Danity Kane
35. Like Me
36. You Left Me In The Air
Malese Jow
37. The Last
Jade Valerie
38. Us Against The World
Christina Millian


I hope you download this and be introduced to new music and artists even if you don't download this I hope you download a random album from this site, any of my affiliates or any other media blog and you may become a fan of music you would never even realized existed.